Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early in game editor screenshots!

This in an early screenshot in IRREdit. I took this wile I was trying to figure out what kind of terrain I wanted and if I wanted the town to be placed right on it or within its own area. The terrain was made within an terrain editor called Terragen and modified by hand from within it. The textures were made within a program called T2 which is apparently a dead project. It can't make the terrain as good looking as I want it so I will have to apply textures to the terrain from within the Irrlicht engine. Fortunately the code for that has already been written, and the quality will be much better.

IRREdit early screenshot

As for the town, I decided to make it within its own area. There are three good reasons for this however. I can more easily create the town terrain from within wings3D than making a hightmap for it. I don't have the control I want of the terrain from within Terragen, and I have a specific layout in mind. And I will not have to worry so much about showing too many polygons and bogging down the players system from seeing the town too much from the distance.

So here is a screenshot of what I have done so far of the main town. The terrain is mostly untextured as of yet, and I do not have all of the buildings done yet. However I was able to obtain a very unique terrain and city layout by modeling it within wings3D rather than using a greyscale image hightmap.

IRREdit early town screenshot

I used a neat trick to help me out with placing the buildings. I took a screenshot of the terrain from above and edited it from within SAI, my drawing pad program. I then drew where I wanted the buildings and roads and labeled what each of the buildings were. I then reapplied that screenshot to the terrain. This allows me to see where I want the buildings exactly, rather then guessing where I want them.

I have a lot more buildings left to make and texture, however this allows me to see what I need more easily. After I finish with all of the buildings I will model the streets and then put in details like trees, bushes, and street lights. One neat trick is the windmills already turn!