Monday, September 28, 2009

Wings3d: Texturing a model with the Snap Image tool

Here is a time lapse video of a small tudor style apartment building being textured in Wings3d. Each video is a little over 7:30 mins long. This took about an hour however.

Part 1

Part 2

In the video I am texturing in Wings3D by using the Snap Image command in the tools menu. I used 7 different textures on this building. Most of them are 256x256px but the two wood textures are 128x128px and the iron texture is 64x64px. This method is a bit unusual but yields great results. I will be using the same textures all over my town for most of the buildings so this should be more efficient than using one 1024x1024px texture for each building. With the snap image tool I can get a very high quality look because I can scale the image to be as small as I want. It does take a wile to do however.

The trick is getting the correct camera angle. This is especially tricky when your wood texture is horizontal and the wood beams are vertical, this is why I sometimes tilt the building on its side. Also to ensure the texture is applied uniformly, it is best done in Orthogonal view.

You can change the color of the images after you have applied them too. You can see this done at about 7:00 mins into the second movie. It is done by editing the material the image is linked to and changing the diffuse color. This shows me making the chimney bricks slightly more red.